10 Keys to Significance in a Saturated World

Recent studies highlight the generational and technological shift occuring in our world. One report estimates that each person is now viewing (on average) 4,000 ads a day in some form, processing 105,000 words, and our brain is computing the equivalent of 34GB data.  This will exponentially increase in the years to come with augmented reality and A.I. advances. If you feel overwhelmed now, it is only going to increase. We are also dealing with very disparate consumer views and generational shifts that pose challenges to any organization, large or small.  Whether you are a multi-national corporation or a local non-profit, these keys set the stage for greater influence in the marketplace and with your constituency.

10 Keys to Significance in a Saturated World

  1. Deliver excellence and quality in your product or service. Work with employees and contractors who share this vision and demonstrate it in their work.
  2. Strive for consistency in your product/service offerings so that your customers can depend on your product.
  3. Create a top down culture in your company that puts customer service first and places people first, rather than just profit. Good, not greed.
  4. Call up every employee to this significance culture and enlist their support.
  5. Put a high values on corporate ethics and integrity. Stay humble.
  6. Give your customers a pleasant experience that they will want to return to over and over. Treat them with dignity. Listen and meet their needs and if you can’t fufill a request, send them to quality organizations (and even competitors) that can help them.
  7. Care about your employees, your contractors, and your vendors.  Treat them as you want to be treated. Stay humble.
  8. Strive to be your personal best, and seek to have your company deliver its best. Don’t settle for mediocrity.
  9. Keep innovating. Adapt to changing times but don’t lose your soul.
  10. Have an authentic mission to improve people’s lives and have a component of your organization that strategically helps those less fortunate.

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