Designing Your Life

“It surrounds us, binds us, and flows through us.” Oh wait, that is the Force. But if Yoda had been talking about design, he would be close. Our planet is full of amazing design (think about the beauty of a nautilus or look up Fibonacci numbers/ratios). Great design has both an artistic and scientific component. Take color theory for example. There are values on a color wheel that scientifically complement one another. Our eyes see these as harmonious and we are attracted to them. An expert designer is a master of color and uses it to strengthen or evoke a mood. Purple may seem more spiritual or sacred, whereas red evokes power or boldness or alarm. And there are thousands of combinations.

A great brand designer and strategist is an avid observer of life, a modern-day Da Vinci in heart and purpose—an alchemist of creativity and science. The designer continually remains a sponge to learn about the world in every form—history, trends, cultural and social issues, technology, future trends, education, corporates and non-profit, finance, geography, fashion, literature, films, music, science, artists, philosophers, and much more! Why? Because a successful brand strategist is pioneering, influential and hungry to communicate with greater connection and effectiveness to a diverse world.

Design can be both timeless and trendy. And it tends to be cyclical. What was beautiful in 1975 was reviled for a couple of decades and then saw a resurgence. While many color and design rules can be bent (or even broken) a designer stays on the pulse of what is influencing the target demographic and deploys solutions that best communicate in visual ways that help the client.

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