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Pivoting is the Father of Invention


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Updated July 14, 2021

If “necessity is the mother of invention,” then perhaps pivoting is its Father.

New ways of thinking are birthed in times of crisis and require a pivot: a turn in a different direction to a path that takes us to new opportunities. The past year has seen the destruction of millions of businesses unable to weather the pandemic and its aftermath. Even if your business is still standing, the world has changed in dramatic ways. In a sense, the world has pivoted. Whether you like it or not, you may be finding yourself forced into a new direction.

In ancient times, new wine could not be placed in old wineskins. Why? The original vessels became unpliable, brittle, and could not reliably hold the new fruit, and if they did, they imparted the wrong flavors or even bitterness. Can you relate? This is an opportunity to sow toward a new season of abundance. The uncertainty can be frightening, but it comes with the promise of new fruit, not jeopardized by negative, stale thinking, and tired routines

Some brands are iconic and timeless. But every brand has to pivot to remain relevant, inspiring, connecting, communicative, and compelling. New markets, economic and cultural shifts, and global events create new challenges that impact every brand. In this critical season, we are here to serve you in executing these essential pivots.