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Authenticity in Your Messaging


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Social Media is constantly creating and sailing on cultural waves, influencing mass audiences and capturing unknown catalysts who go viral.  We see celebrity lives and wannabees with face-tuned filters and perfect settings, beautiful homes and families, idyllic vacations, and much more. We see others buck against this trend, with raw,  points of view, and scenes that depict “real” life and all its humor and grit. Even there, much has been determined to be fake. 

In times of shaking, when there is debate over fake and real news and a growing distrust in traditional institutions, there is a deep desire for authenticity. How does this relate to design and communication? A few thoughts:

  1. What does your organization do best?
  2. Is your product or service consistent?
  3. Is there confusion in your brand DNA?
  4. Does your visual messaging remain true to who you are as an organization?

There are many more questions to consider as your make sure you are true to your “voice.” Email us to learn more.